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What is NoCalc?

NoCalc is a patented way to protect your whole home from the damaging effects of limescale and corrosion, without harming the natural environment.

In contrast to traditional whole home water softeners, which are often contained in a large white container under the sink or in a cupboard, NoCalc is small and unobtrusive, connecting directly to your water supply.

By fitting the revolutionary new NoCalc limescale inhibitor to your plumbing system, you’ll enjoy long-lasting protection from limescale and corrosion throughout your whole home, saving you money on your bills and prolonging the life of your household appliances.

With no electricity needed, it is a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly alternative to expensive water softeners.

Say goodbye to limescale and corrosion with NoCalc

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Surestop is a unique and innovative Stopcock range, focused around protecting properties from the risk of water damage. With a simple flick of a switch, Surestop Stopcocks will completely STOP the water supply - without the use of batteries or electrics. Surestop is easier and quicker to install and use over traditional brass stopcocks and are available with a discreet and modern control.